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PCS Conveyors: PCS conveyors are born as an answer to the market's need to have an economical product with high quality and performances. PCS are plane conveyors only, made with particular technologies and materials and can be supplied in the following shapes: "I"; "L" and "U". Instead of trolleys it is used a stainless steel band in which there are blank slots with a distance between centres of 30mm.The Sliding, with no use of wheels,is is assured by two slides of polyzene at high density that has a warranty of long life (smoothness probably longer than wheels. PCS conveyors can be supplied with slots, continuous or slots/continuous; they caw be automated with automatic research and are supplied with- inverter and manual command as current production
PWS Conveyors: PWS conveyors are composed by a chain of trolleys which can support: two slots distance between centres of 33 mm in standard production and three slots distance Between centres of 22 mm in compact production. PWS conveyors can be also supplied with "continuous" configuration. These conveyors can be plane, Up'N'Down and can have all these shapes: "I" . "L" - "U" - etc Conveyors can be equipped with various systems like: automatic research; unhooking arm; consignment door and system for recomposition, of items.The electric command includes forward and reverse movement; slow speed and emergency button and it-works through an inverter that is current production for all types of conveyors. use of very good and high quality products allows use to give warranty of great and duration even in case of bad usage